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  • ChatGPT integration
  • Various survey formats
  • Automated reporting
  • Web Application
  • Statistics & Data Processing
  • Business Services
  • Productivity

Digsite is part of QuestionPro, which is a large American research company. It stands as a comprehensive exploratory research tool that enables you to assess your products, ideas and services through engaging custom surveys of diverse formats. Furthermore, upon completion it offers reporting of given surveys, generated with ChatGPT. By leveraging Digsite, you can effectively interact with your customers, capturing valuable insights and making well-informed choices.

  • GraphQL
  • AI
  • Redux
  • ReactJS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Heroku





Scrum Master, 2 Full Stack Developers



Digsite is a research tool that caters to both qualitative and quantitative data. It provides a diverse range of survey formats: Conversation: This interactive format facilitates customer feedback through short conversations. Participants can leave comments on a given topic, which can be replied to and liked by others. Fill in the Blank: These surveys feature blank spaces that can be filled manually or by selecting answers from a dropdown list. Idea Markup: With this format, survey makers upload an image and personalize it by adding multi-colored dots, each assigned a specific meaning. Survey takers select an area on the image, choose a dot, and provide feedback. The images can also be divided into sections for more targeted insights. The development is still in process, and new survey formats are being integrated. In addition, the tool empowers survey creators to moderate the answers, for instance they can correct grammar mistakes or apply sentiment to the answers to assess survey takers' emotions (categorizing responses as positive, negative, or neutral). However, the original responses can never be lost or altered. Last but not least, Digsite generates automated reports in PowerPoint format, as well as a smart summary of the responses, generated with ChatGPT.



We have not come across major obstacles throughout the development. However, the development of the automated reporting into PowerPoint feature posed a time-consuming challenge for the backend developer. Consequently, the frontend developer had to temporarily pause his work and await the completion of the backend implementation. Additionally, as part of recreation, we are carefully going over all the features and functionalities of the original platform to ensure their seamless integration into Digsite, which also takes much time.



To optimize efficiency and avoid idle waiting for the frontend developer, we assigned an additional backend developer to the project. This enabled them to work simultaneously on other features of the tool while automated reporting was being implemented.


Development Process

Digsite represents a recreation of an existing platform. We started it from scratch. Our dedicated team comprises a frontend developer, a backend developer, and a project manager. In addition, we have another backend developer, who joins the process on and off. Throughout the development journey, we have adopted the Kanban methodology. Regular communication with our client and within the team is a top priority, so, we conduct weekly meetings with the client and daily standups with our developers to discuss the progress. In terms of project management, we make use of various tools including Slack, Mail, and Google Drive. The project remains ongoing, with our team continuously working to incorporate new features, functionalities, and survey formats.



So far we have released the MVP of Digsite offering 3 survey formats.

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