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  • Multi-language support

  • Payment integration

  • Search and book services

  • Web Application
  • Other Industries
  • Event Management

Amass is an all-in-one event planning platform that offers a variety of services to help you organize your event. It’s the ultimate place to go for when organizing both personal and professional events such as a wedding, birthday party, family and friends gathering as well as a conference, workshop etc. It simplifies the tiring process of event planning by providing a centralized platform to manage all aspects of your event. With its user-friendly interface you can find and book everything with a few clicks.

  • NextJS
  • Typescript
  • PostgreSQL
  • Prisma
  • Tailwind CSS
  • ReactJS





2 Front-end developers, Back-end developer, PM



Having everything in one place, Amass includes lots of different services such as floral arrangements, photo and video production, kids entertainment and other services. In addition to services, Amass offers equipment rentals including decor rentals, sound equipment, car rentals and so on. They also have a variety of indoor and outdoor venues to choose from such as restaurants, community centers, conference and banquet halls. Amass can also help you with food and beverage by listing catering, food trucks, pastries, catering and much more.

As a multi-language website supporting Armenian, English and Russian, it intends to reach a wider audience.



We faced a significant challenge with payment implementation as Stripe isn't supported in Armenia and we had to come up with an alternative solution of payment processing specifically designed for local market. 

Also, having a multi-language website supporting Armenian, English and Russian brought lots of challenges itself. We had to ensure that each update or change was properly reflected in all language versions of the website.



We assigned a back end developer who is highly specialized in payment system integration. He successfully integrated Ameriabank’s EPOS system and used SRC’s (State Revenue Committee) API to generate cash register receipts.

As for the multi-language capability, we ensured that the website ran smoothly in all three languages and there were no inconsistencies in navigation, layout and graphics.


Development Process

We have built Amass from scratch. At first our UI/UX designer came up with an intuitive and eye-catching design and then the developers took over the process. Our team consisted of 2 front-end developers, one back-end developer and a project manager. We’ve adopted Scrum methodology with daily stand-ups to keep the project on track and the team in sync. As of the communication and task management tools we used Linear and Slack (with its Canvas feature).



For now we have Amass ready as an MVP. It is a fully functional website that is now live and growing further by acquiring new partners.

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