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  • AI-powered cue cards
  • Follow-up message generation
  • Usage analytics
  • Web Application
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Other Industries
  • Productivity

CueCard is a sales tool that enables sales folks to sell more effectively. It attempts to bridge the gap between “sales'' and “marketing”. With its impressive range of features it simplifies and streamlines the sales process. CueCard allows effortlessly adding or updating talk tracks, sending automated follow-up emails, which helps skip the time-consuming effort of writing notes after meetings, and having real-time access to relevant information with AI-powered cue cards during sales calls.

  • GraphQL
  • AI
  • ReactJS
  • MySQL
  • Recoil
  • Pinecone
  • LangChain





Back-end developer, Front-end developer, Project manager



CueCard comes with some essential features:

  • Sales reps can easily add and update talk tracks directly within the platform.
  • The application intelligently generates customized and efficient follow-ups by analyzing the data logged by sales representatives.
  • It offers AI-powered cue cards, which provide real-time information to sales representatives during their calls with potential customers. These cue cards are particularly useful when specific information is needed for more efficient communication. With the ability to search for sales-related information using tags, sales reps can quickly access and utilize the knowledge that have proven effective for other marketers and sales teams.
  • As every piece of content sent through the platform is attentively tracked and reported, CueCard provides insights into what content and messaging drive results.
  • Zoom and HubSpot integration.


During the development process, we encountered several challenges. One major challenge we faced was the absence of a design for the application. Therefore, we built the app based on a prototype. Additionally, Zoom integration posed its own difficulties as it was our first time. While it did not present a significant challenge, it did require additional time and effort to familiarize ourselves with this particular integration.



The lack of a design didn’t stop us developing the app based on a prototype. Our primary focus was on building robust functionality, but we later collaborated with the client to refine the design. Overcoming this challenge was made easier thanks to our project manager’s professionalism. As for Zoom integration, we conducted extensive research to familiarize ourselves with it and applied our knowledge in practice.


Development Process

We initiated the project from scratch. Our dedicated team for this project comprises 2 full-time developers, one specializing in backend development and the other in frontend development, a code reviewer and a project manager. For project management we have adopted the Scrum methodology, having daily stand-ups with developers and conducting weekly task planning sessions. We also follow a weekly release schedule. Meetings with the client are held whenever they require updates on the project’s progress. For collaboration we use Slack, email and google drive. Currently we work on the follow-up message generation functionality. So, the development is still  in process. 



We have a fully operational product that is currently live and being actively improved.

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