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Fitness Nation

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Advanced online shopping
  • Multiple user interfaces
  • SaaS Application
  • E-commerce
  • Healthcare & Medical
  • Business Services

Fitness Nation is an outstanding SaaS platform for fitness enthusiasts and studio operators. On the platform you can find a great community of the same mind with you, tools for a healthy lifestyle, helpful information, trainings, a sports shop and everything else related to fitness. It is a joint project and as a part of it, BeeWeb has been responsible for the CMS part.

  • NodeJS
  • Angular
  • MongoDB
  • Twitter Bootstrap





Scrum Master, Full stack developers, AngularJS Developer, QA



CMS, on which we are working on, consists of two parts: Super admin and CMS admins, which, in turn, can have their own sub-admins. Super admin grants admins and sub/sub-sub admins access to all the features on the platform to supervise and manage the everyday workflow of fitness studios in any location of the world. Some of those features are:

  • Shop
  • Attendance Tracking/ Check in, Check out
  • Appointment
  • Ticketing Management
  • Live Streaming
  • Digital Signage
  • Course/Events Management
  • Booking
  • Health Check
  • Workout
  • Marketing Tools
  • Admin and customer support
  • Membership management

The CMS admin panel is way more complex than Super admin. 



Fitness Nation is a complex and complicated application comprising a large number of features and advanced functionality. Very often, making changes to a part requires changes in other parts as well. Besides, It is utilized in more than 11 countries by thousands of gyms, which have their custom interfaces. So, It needs to function perfectly.



Ongoing maintenance, optimization and keeping up with cutting-edge technologies are integral parts of our working process. When Angular has new releases, we implement those updates into the project. Furthermore, depending on the situation we turn comparatively large features into separate applications, of course with the consent of the client, to simplify the product. 


Development Process

Fitness Nation is still in progress. Bug fixing, adding new features and functionalities are ongoing. Our current work is mainly focused on Well/ONE, membership management part, member information export functionality, shop features (order, invoice, products), email templates, class/appointment/event booking and the admin support app. Yet, work is being done on the whole CMS.
As for project management, we have applied the Agile methodology. We use such tools as Jira, Slack, Google Sheets etc.



Fitness Nation is now established software for fitness enthusiasts, employed by thousands of gyms in more than 11 countries. However, it doesn’t stop there. It continues growing and perfecting into an approachable tool for everyone.

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