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  • Artificial intelligence integration
  • Live chat
  • Personal dashboard
  • Web Application
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Business Services

Formally is a digital product that streamlines the US immigration process for employers, employees, law firms and attorneys, using AI, behavioral psychology and secure portable data.

  • AI
  • NextJS
  • Redux
  • Express
  • Firebase
  • Twilio


Months, Ongoing



full-stack developers, project manager



Formally operates in three key areas: serving lawyers, individuals, and employers, all with a single goal – to streamline the visa application process.

For lawyers:
The platform handles client onboarding by collecting necessary information and files through AI, allowing lawyers to focus on strategic work. It also takes care of administrative tasks, sending client reminders, handling scheduling, and providing workflows for both parties, all in natural language with the help of AI. Lawyers can also add new clients and employers to their dashboard, while attorney firms can create teams and associate relevant data and cases with them.

For individuals:
It enables individuals to collaborate directly with attorneys on the platform, making the visa application process a lot easier.

For employers:
It helps employers with their global hires by offering a comprehensive dashboard that stores all the data related to their global hires, and it provides attorney services within the platform. Additionally, the platform comprises an integrated live chat feature that allows real-time communication between clients and attorneys.



No major technical challenges have been encountered. However, we have faced time zone differences, especially when there are urgent questions that need instant answers.



Thanks to the conscientiousness of our clients and the good skills of our project manager, we manage to get things done seamlessly, leveraging overlapping hours and working during off-hours when questions require concise answers.


Development Process

We did not initiate the project from scratch; there was an existing web application that required enhancements and the addition of new features and functionalities. One of the major features we developed from scratch is the live chat. While it previously existed, we completely changed it, from design to completion.
The dedicated Formally team consists of two full-stack developers and a project manager. We have applied the Scrum methodology, initially using Jira and later switching to Linear. The team holds daily meetings to discuss progress. We mainly communicate with the clients in writing, using tools like Slack, Linear, and Git for pull request comments.



We have a fully functional live web application, integrated with new features. Its aim is to continue growing more and cover every aspect of the law.

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