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Service Club

  • Multiple user interfaces
  • Microservices architecture
  • Automated messages
  • Web Application
  • SaaS Application
  • Business Services
  • Logistics

Service Club is a large marketspace in the delivery sector. Serving as a smart matchmaking platform, it connects couriers in search of delivery jobs with delivery companies in search of couriers. Matchmaking is done based on the needs of both sides, including the skills, location and the chosen delivery vehicle. The product operates in 11 countries, including Spain, the USA, the UK, France and more. It is currently expanding into three new countries. Some of the companies, Service Club has established partnerships with, are Glovo, Gorillas, Bolt Food, Smart Mobility, Jobandtalent and others.

  • NodeJS
  • ReactJS
  • Redux
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Express
  • MongoDB
  • AWS





Scrum Master, Team Lead, 4 Full stack developers, FrontEnd Developer, QA



Service Club is a large online marketplace, boasting different user interfaces and multiple user types. Within the platform there are a few admin roles, such as product owner, super admin, sub-admins, view only visitor, which is for potential partners to familiarize themselves with the platform and explore its features for future collaborations, etc. Additionally, the platform accommodates both companies and individual couriers, each with their unique access and features.
Companies, referred to as partners, have their personalized interfaces that enable them to create job listings, review applicants, and manage shortlisted leads that have been pre-approved by Service Club admins. They can also reject or hire applicants based on their preferences and requirements.
Couriers have their personal profiles too. They can leverage the platform’s advanced functionality to search for open delivery jobs, review available opportunities, and submit applications. Moreover, they stand the chance to enhance their skills and improve their ranking by taking courses offered through the platform.
The platform also features a dashboard, where Service Club employees’ performance can be tracked through analytics.
Furthermore, automation plays a significant role in the platform’s functionality, addressing various scenarios. For example, if candidates skip an important step while submitting an application or are required to answer additional interview questions, the platform automatically sends them notifications and messages. Similarly, couriers searching for job opportunities receive notifications about nearby open positions, among other relevant updates. There are many more other cases. These automated messages are delivered through Twilio for SMS and WhatsApp, as well as MailChimp for email communication.



As a live product operating in many countries with a large user base, it is important to ensure Service Club performance remains stable and seamless. Particularly during periods of high traffic, preventing crashes becomes crucial, especially that its users are increasing day by day. In addition, upgrading and implementing changes to its extensive array of features pose their own set of challenges. We should ensure the coherence of all these features and prevent any potential interference between them.



We not only scale up and enhance the project but also ensure continuous support and maintenance, instantly addressing all issues faced by platform users. Furthermore, we consistently make improvements to optimize the code and keep it up to date. When developing new features, we take into consideration the platform’s architecture and assess all user cases to secure effective integration with the existing platform components.


Development Process

The Service Club development began with a team comprising one full-stack developer and a project manager, but it has since expanded to include 5 full-stack developers, 1 front-end developer and 2 QA specialists. Initially, we developed the MVP with limited features to test in the market. However, we continued the development process at the same time, and now we have a growing live marketplace.
At first, we adopted the Kanban project management method but eventually switched to Scrumban to maintain a more organized process. Our team holds daily standups to define the goals for the day and conducts weekly meetings with the client. However, we are in touch with them throughout the whole day, addressing any questions or updates that arise. Additionally, we closely collaborate with their product team on new features, trying to actualize their ideas. To facilitate our project management, we utilize tools such as Trello and Slack.
Currently, our main focus revolves around restructuring the platform’s architecture to a microservices architecture. Simultaneously, we engage in code refactoring and optimization while actively developing new features and functionalities.



The Service Club is a fully functional and user-friendly live product, used by around 200,000 users. Presently, it operates in 11 countries such as Spain, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Belgium, Czechia and the USA. Furthermore, it is expanding its reach to three additional countries: Costa Rica, Austria, and Greece. With that being said, its ultimate goal is to establish itself as a globally known product.

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