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  • Customer journey mapping
  • Journey analytics
  • Action plan generation
  • Web Application
  • SaaS Application
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Designing
  • Business Services
  • Statistics & Data Processing

SuiteCX is a secure customer journey mapping and analytics platform that caters to the unique needs of each business. It enables the creation and management of comprehensive customer journey maps using a range of visualizations, iconography, text, and mapping templates. These maps are teeming with customer data drawn from sources such as surveys, interaction metrics, big data analytics, segmentation data, clickstream data, etc. Furthermore, leveraging the collected data, SuiteCX offers insights into the current state of the company's customer experience and turns them into actionable plans.

  • GraphQL
  • MySQL
  • Recoil
  • ReactJS


Months, Ongoing



Scrum Master, Full stack Developers, Project Manager, QA



SuiteCX is a powerful tool that facilitates and shakes up the process of creating Customer Journey Maps (CJMs), gathering insights from these maps, and translating them into actionable strategies. It offers over 20 visualization templates for CJMs, allowing users to select the one that best suits their needs as a foundation and then customize it to match their requirements. This tool enables the incorporation of images, iconography, text, and attachments for each touchpoint. It also supports the creation of variants tailored to different customer segments, simplifies updates and sharing, and tracks the the impact of changes over time.
In addition, SuiteCX features IPoints, which function as data collectors, capturing moments of truth, pain points, barriers, and emotional states. Based on these data points, the tool assists CX analysts in assessing  the strengths and weaknesses of their CX programs through intuitive frameworks. Last but not least SuiteCX transforms the collected information into actionable plans that accelerate purchases and enhance customer experiences. For instance, it suggests map variations according to various dimensions and helps with marketing campaigns, trial planning, comparing your business’s customer experience to that of competitors’, persona development, and more.



As we embarked on the recreation of SuiteCX using an existing project as the basis, we encountered several challenges stemming from factors such as a poor user interface and outdated PHP code. Additionally, we integrated Fresco per our client’s decision, which was a separate project. This necessitated transitioning the code to Konba and GraphQL. Besides, the business logic of SuiteCX is new in Armenia, which required extensive study to achieve the best results.



To understand the confusing UI and recreate the project in the optimum way, our project manager with the designer conducted thorough research into each of its components. Concerning the business logic, we participated in relevant trainings and also watched YouTube videos.


Development Process

SuiteCX is the recreation of an existing project. We’ve undertaken its development from scratch, starting with the creation of a more intuitive and visually appealing design. The dedicated team assigned to this project consists of a designer, a backend developer, two frontend developers, a code reviewer, and a project manager. Our chosen project management methodology is Scrum. We operate in 2-4-week sprints; however, we strive for weekly releases of components developed within the current week. Before each release, the code undergoes a review process. Our communication tools include Jira and Slack. We conduct daily stand-ups with the team and hold recurring meetings with the client to update them on the progress.



We have several features, including customer journey mapping, ready in the demo version. Soon, it will progress to the beta version and be used by QuestionPro users.

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